Our pro-active garden maintenance agreements will allow your gardens to be professionally maintained by a team that cares about its work, with reliable and regular calls throughout the year, regardless of weather. We will move your garden forward with pro-active improvements all year round. Previously tired and dreary gardens will blossom and flourish under our skilled care. From the moment we set foot in your garden, our objective is not simply to maintain, but to enhance, that's why we are so special.

Like all other living and breathing organisms, your garden needs sustenance as well as care to ensure it reaches its full potential and value. We know the recipe. If your garden is currently neglected, we can carry an inizial make over at a quoted cost. Alternatively, at no additional cost, we can agree a lead-in period to bring the gardens up to standard during the maintenance service calls. Payment may be made either monthly by Direct Debit, or annually in advance to receive a 5% discount.